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Welcome to Scots Garden, a carefully compiled collection of web resources for the Scottish gardener. Wherever possible we have selected Scottish suppliers for inclusion, but when it comes to online shopping the world is your oyster and we have included some non-Scottish sites which we think will be of interest. There is a bias towards quality and uniqueness, and also to a certain extent towards environmentally friendly garden products and services.

From plants and seeds to gardening professionals and supplies for major garden construction projects, you will be able to find what you are looking for here from the main menu above. Garden centres and gardens open to the public in Scotland are listed by area.

Getting Listed

One thing we do insist on - every business we list must have its own website, as this is essentially a web directory. The day of the paper directory with text listings is past, if in fact it ever did have a place on the internet. If you think your business should be listed here please go to the appropriate category and click the 'Add Url' link. (See right) . Submit your site to help us make this teh best site for Scots gardeners on the web.

(If your business doesn't have a website and you would like one then please get in touch for a free consultation and no-obligation quotation. Our parent company, Webcraft UK Ltd, has been in the business for twelve years and our rates are extremely competitive)

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